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How to Lose 20 Pounds within a Month?

I have watched reality shows about losing weight and believe me, I am really impressed with this people who can lose weight for over 30 pounds within a month. I believe that this is possible especially if you have all the time in the world and just focus on your workout who would not accomplish…

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Lose weight with green coffee by chlorogenic acid

Green coffee is a product rich in chlorogenic acid that can help you lose weight. For the roasting process to which coffee beans are normally exposed to make us black gold, the beans are green. They naturally contain a high content of chlorogenic acid (Svetol), but this is lost during the burning process. Supplements based…

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What percentage of your weight do you lift in a Pushup?

Pushups is an effective upper body strength training exercise that works in the chest, arms, shoulders and core. A hardcore Pushup program promotes power development and build muscle mass, but it is difficult to determine exactly how much weight you actually are lifting. However, the powerful movement of a Pushup will always target a percentage…

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Turmeric and weight loss

We have already seen that turmeric is able to block the estrogen-sensitive tissue. And so will contribute to reducing body fat. However, turmeric also works in other areas. These other mechanisms will in turn help to reduce the body fat. The anti-inflammatory effect of turmeric is one of them. Inflammation will affect testosterone production. As…

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You Can Burn Calories Quickly!

Sports is of course good to relax , but that is not the only motivation for many people. You probably also want to lose weight or at least stay healthy. Sports helps with that, because you can burn a lot of calories with it. But not with every sport you can burn calories quickly .…

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Motivation To Make Your Weight Loss Goal Successful

Healthy weight loss can be very hard and difficult with duration. It is important to keep your motivation during weight reduction. We discuss how you do that! Reducing weight and holding on to your motivation is challenging The first week you can easily keep slimming down. You feel excellent and have lots of motivation A…

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