What percentage of your weight do you lift in a Pushup?

Pushups is an effective upper body strength training exercise that works in the chest, arms, shoulders and core. A hardcore Pushup program promotes power development and build muscle mass, but it is difficult to determine exactly how much weight you actually are lifting. However, the powerful movement of a Pushup will always target a percentage of your body weight. Variations in Pushup activity can also increase the total percentage of body weight eliminated.

Pushups is a fundamental component of power endurance assessment. A man in peak physical condition should be able to do 50 pushups in one minute, according to Sports Fitness Adviser. Strength tests measure maximum power output during exercises involving complex movements. Pushups is a multi-joint body exercise that requires repetitive, powerful movement. A high repetition Pushup program tests your body’s resistance capacity and the frequency at which you are able to pick up a majority of your body weight.

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In 2010, the International Conference of Biomechanics has a kinetic analysis of some variations of pushups to actually eliminate an exact measurement of how much body weight is when determining the performance of the exercise. Variations in pushups are brought based on intensity level, which ultimately determines the amount of body weight. Twenty-three young men performed four variations of pushups in repetition: standard, bent knee, raised feet and raised hands. The study found that the difference in views produced results ranging from 41-74 percent of body weight. By contrast, standard pushups produced results between 49 and 64 percent of body weight.

Raises the percentage of body weight while pushball performance increases when your balance point is elevated. Performing pushups with proper shape maximize the amount of body weight you are forced to lift. Your body’s balance point is lowest in the bent knee position, which is why bent-knee pushups are considered to be the easiest type of Pushup. The percentage of body weight during a standard Pushup lift is maximized when your feet are shoulder width apart. It shifts your balance point and forces you to pick up a greater percentage of body weight.

Weight shifting pushups is the hardest type of pushups to feed, according to Men`s Health. Shifting a large percentage of body weight on one side of your body in alternation during the standard Pushup will raise the total amount of body weight during the exercise. Completion of 10 repetitions with a complete shape on each side of your body will maximize power development and enable growth of lean muscle mass.


Turmeric and weight loss

We have already seen that turmeric is able to block the estrogen-sensitive tissue. And so will contribute to reducing body fat. However, turmeric also works in other areas. These other mechanisms will in turn help to reduce the body fat. The anti-inflammatory effect of turmeric is one of them. Inflammation will affect testosterone production. As a result, we get reduced amounts of the male hormone. This will ensure that estrogen gets free job.

By blocking the inflammation, the production of testosterone will increase. Another mechanism is the increase in sensitivity to insulin. When we are not sensitive to insulin, the body becomes insulin resistant. This will not only lead to overweight due to an easy fat storage. This will also eventually lead to type 2 diabetes, but will also seriously affect the production of testosterone.

The use of turmeric increases this sensitivity to insulin and that in turn results in a higher testosterone. The next advantage of turmeric is that it will purify the liver. The functioning of the liver will be optimized by the strong antioxidants in curcumin and by its anti-inflammatory effect.

Enzymes in the liver are addressed to process more estrogen. With a healthy liver, more than half of the estrogen is processed in our body. Defused, thanks to the liver. In people with liver disease or a damaged liver this will lead to increased estrogen. Because the liver is no longer able to filter the estrogen. This is very common in men who use or have used anabolic steroids. But can also be caused by excessive alcohol and other liver disorders.

Men’s breasts are stimulated by these problems with the liver. With turmeric we are going to repair the liver, so we will get a better outflow of estrogen in our body. The combination of these mechanisms will provide a huge improvement in the male breast symptom.

Turmeric and weight loss

Turmeric is not only useful for use against body fat. The herb also provides an improved ability to lose weight. Or to keep the same weight and still eat enough. Turmeric yellow root Because the body becomes more sensitive to insulin and the inflammations are counteracted we can stimulate weight loss. Another effect of the herb on losing weight is that the thermogenesis in the body is set in motion.

In short, thermogenesis will increase the temperature of the body. The body will be more able to burn calories, the metabolism will be increased so that we can burn more calories and thus eventually lose weight because we have a higher incineration.

An investigation can prove this. The study was conducted among a number of mice that were divided into 2 different groups. One group used a diet high in calories. Another group of mice did the same but used as extra, a supplement of curcumin (the active substance in turmeric).

It was established that the first group, who therefore did not use a curcumin supplement, had 50% more fat in the body after 3 months than the group that had taken a supplement. And yet the same food to eat during those three months.

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Gynecomastia (breast formation in men)

A problem that is fairly common in men is breast formation, and although it is common, it is generally experienced as very embarrassing. Gynecomastia (breast formation in men) is sometimes visible in young men, but can also disappear spontaneously.

After puberty, gynecomastia can be persistent and become a serious problem, sports, sauna visits, etc. is often in the way. What many men do not know about gynecomastia (breast formation in men) is that there is something to do about it! The treatment of breast formation in men generally consists of two parts: the subcutaneous removal of the glandular tissue and the removal of excess fat via liposuction. Only the use of liposuction can be sufficient if there is no excess gland tissue present.

Gynecomastia, what is it?

Gynecomastia literally means breast formation in men. Breast formation in men is a phenomenon which is basically not normal. As normal as it is, that in women in puberty breast formation occurs, so different is when gynecomastia occurs in men in puberty. Breast formation is caused by the circulation of certain female hormones. These hormones are also present in the man during puberty. If there is a large amount of these “female” hormones, gynecomastia (breast formation in men) can occur. There are several reasons why more “female” hormones can circulate in a male body. One of the most common reasons is obesity.

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Can gynaecomastia also have another cause?

Suddenly developed gynaecomastia (breast formation in men) can sometimes also be caused by a disease, examples are: a liver disease, an abnormality of the thyroid gland or a tumor in the adrenal gland or testicle. If there is a suspicion that one of these diseases is present, you will be immediately referred to your doctor because our treatment would not offer the right solution.

The consultation

In the first consultation, everything related to the treatment of gynecomastia (breast formation in men) will be discussed at length. Among other things, the best treatment method for your personal situation is discussed and attention is paid to the expected end result, possible risks and the necessary aftercare. You can always get honest advice and clear explanations from A Klinieken about the treatment of gynecomastia (breast formation in men) and the period after treatment.

Unequal Breasts – The causes and the Treatments

Breasts are never completely symmetrical. One breast may be a bit larger or smaller than the other, or hang slightly more. There may also be a difference in the size of the nipple. But when the difference is very large – this can even be a few cup sizes – we speak of unequal or asymmetrical breasts. Where do uneven breasts come from? And more importantly: what can we do about it?

Uneven growth of the breasts

In many women, the breasts begin to grow around puberty. In most cases breasts fully mature after four years.

Inequality of the breasts occurs during this growth process: one breast grows faster than the other. In some cases this does not stop, but when the breasts have not become less asymmetrical after six years since the beginning of growth, we can definitely speak of uneven breasts.

Now breasts are never 100% equal and symmetrical, but truly uneven, asymmetrical breasts are breasts that differ visibly in size and / or shape. This can be a cup size, but also several cup sizes.

We also speak of unequal breasts when the breasts are about the same size, but (strongly) deviate in shape. For example, one breast is considerably more than the other.

The causes of asymmetrical breast growth

But why is it that breasts do not immediately merge with growth? This is largely genetically determined. Every breast contains breast gland tissue, no matter how big or small your breasts are. How big breasts are, has to do with the amount of mammary gland tissue that is present in the breasts. Does one breast remain behind with the other? Then that breast contains less mammary gland tissue.

Unequal uneven breasts

When the difference between both breasts is one cup size or larger, uneven breasts are visible to the eye. This can be an annoying problem that entails uncertainty. One option is to buy bh filling in a lingerie specialist store that fills the side of the smaller breast. As a result, the asymmetry with clothes is no longer visible.

Correct uneven breasts

Although you can cover uneven breasts with bra filling, this does not solve the problem. A surgical procedure can do this. Depending on the type of deviation, the inequality of the breasts can be permanently restored.

In the case of difference in size, this is a breast augmentation of the small (er) breast or a breast reduction of the large (er) breast. In specific cases, it is advisable to have both a breast augmentation and a reduction. When there is a difference in shape, a plastic surgeon can advise a breast lift.

A surgical correction of uneven breasts makes the difference between the breasts smaller. There will always remain a (small) difference between the two breasts. 100% symmetrical breasts simply do not exist. If you are not comfortable with surgical process than there is a home remedy for you. Estrogen rich foods helps enlarging breast size.

Breast enlargement of the smallest breast

Is there unequal breasts and are you also of the opinion that your smallest breast is too small? Then a breast augmentation is the most logical procedure. By working with implants , the smallest breast can be made fuller and larger. Read more about different types of breast augmentation and its method in this article.

Breast reduction of the largest breast

Difference in size can also be corrected by reducing the largest breast. When you are satisfied with your cup size, this is also the most secure option, because you do not have to deal with implants when breast reduction, such as enlargement of the breasts.

In breast reduction, breast tissue and fat are cut away in most cases, which leads to a reduction of the breast. A doctor can advise that in addition to breast reduction, breast enlargement of the other breast should be performed in order to achieve the best result.

Breast lift

Is the inequality of the breasts caused by a difference in shape? Because one breast, for example, hangs (much) more than the other? A breast lift can restore the difference in shape, depending on the deviation.

A breast lift is a treatment that has different methods. This way the breasts can be lifted by removing skin around the nipple. A doctor can assess whether a breast lift is the option to repair your uneven breasts and what kind of breast lift is most suitable for this.

Note: breasts can change shape by, for example, breastfeeding or after you have lost a lot of weight. It is advisable to wait with lifting the breasts until a child’s wish is fulfilled.

Reimbursement of the correction of unequal breasts

The correction of uneven breasts is aesthetic, but also medical. Having uneven breasts can cause unpleasant symptoms. Yet the compensation for correcting uneven breasts is somewhat more complicated than with an ‘ordinary’ breast reduction or breast lift.

For example, correction of uneven breasts is only reimbursed when the difference in cup size is at least two sizes. Also only a reduction of the largest breast is compensated. The enlargement of the smaller breast must be paid for.

Do you want to know for sure how the compensation for treating unequal breasts is concerned? Then contact your health insurer.

Costs & clinics

A correction of unequal breasts is a very personal intervention and therefore the costs can vary from person to person. You will therefore not easily encounter this procedure on the price lists of clinics. When you consult, the doctor can give you a precise quotation.

Virtually all plastic surgeons who perform cosmetic procedures on the breasts can correct uneven breasts. Looking for a good doctor? Here you will find an overview of clinics that perform cosmetic procedures on the breasts .


Breasts are never quite right. But we speak of really uneven breasts when the difference in size is at least one cup size. You can also speak of unequal breasts when the shape of one breast is very different.

Unequal breasts are caused by under- or over-production of mammary gland tissue. The problem can be solved permanently by choosing a breast enlargement of the smallest breast, a breast reduction of the largest breast – or a combination of these two – or a breast lift. A doctor can advise what is the best option in your case.

What To Do With Hemorrhoids

If you suffer from hemorrhoids, you want to get rid of these painful bulges as quickly as possible. With early hemorrhoids an adaptation of your eating and bowel habits can already help. There are also all kinds of remedies that alleviate pain and itching. If they are larger, treatment by a specialist is necessary.

You can reduce your own complaints by tackling the cause of your hemorrhoids. Adapt your diet and bowel habits, so that your clogging and excessive pressure on the anus occurs. Immediately go to the bathroom if you have to and do not try to squeeze too hard and for too long. Move regularly, eat high fiber and drink enough.

If you still suffer from constipation, you can use an anti-clogging remedy, such as psyllium fibers, lactulose or bran. Often the problems disappear.

Hemorrhoid ointment

Against the itch and the burning sensation that hemorrhoids deliver you, various ointments and suppositories are available at the pharmacy and pharmacy. You do not need a prescription for this.

Spreads and suppositories with lidocaine locally anesthetize and thus make the bowel movement less painful. Zinc products work against pain and also heal the itching. In addition, they would shrink the hemorrhoids a bit. The GP can also prescribe hydrocortisone cream, which has an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect.


Tie down

If lifestyle advice and creams do not help, the GP can refer you to a specialist who removes hemorrhoids.

The most common method is to tie the hemorrhoid with rubber rubber bands, or a rubber band ligation. The doctor looks through a tube (protoscope) the last part of the intestine and applies a band above the mucous membrane of the hemorrhoid. For example, the blood supply is cut off, causing the hemorrhoid to shrivel and die after a few days.

This operation takes place in an outpatient manner. An anesthetic is not necessary. Because the hemorrhoid tissue itself is numb, it is not painful. You may experience a few days of blood loss and an annoying feeling in your stomach or anus. You will lose the strapped hemorrhoid and the band together with the stool.

Other methods

The blood supply to the hemorrhoids can also be stopped by scorching the blood vessels with the aid of infrared light. Even then, the hemorrhoid dies. Another option is that the doctor injects an irritating fluid into the hemorrhoids, causing them to shrink. Only in the case of very large hemorrhoids is surgery needed under anesthesia for which you are admitted to the hospital. Even if you have hemorrhoids that keep coming back, surgery can offer a solution. This is very effective, but after the treatment it still causes a lot of pain for several days.

Bring Your Hormones Back Into Balance

These developments are worrying, but fortunately there is no reason to panic. You can do a lot yourself to get and keep your hormones in balance. If you follow these steps, you will notice that you feel fitter, sleep better, look healthier and suddenly lose weight excessively.

Step 1: Eat of course

The biggest gain in balancing your hormones you book by eating as fresh and natural as possible. In short, avoid ready-to-eat food from packages and bags. Examples of dishes made with natural ingredients only. That has a few reasons. First, fresh, natural food is not prepared in a factory and is therefore not (chemically) processed. There are also no chemical odors, colors or flavors. Either, it is free of e-numbers.

If you also opt for organic vegetables and fruit, no pesticides are used. Another advantage is that fresh, natural products are often not packaged. Unfortunately, too much fruit and vegetables are pre-packaged, but fortunately not everything.

TIP: Buy your fruit and vegetables organically and preferably at a greengrocer’s.

Step 2: Avoid added sugars

This step is closely related to step 1, because no sugar is added to natural products. Still, I name him separately. Research shows that we eat up to 30 sugar cubes per day, unnoticed. And that happens unnoticed, because food manufacturers add sugar to almost all their products. Even products that you would not expect, such as ‘healthy’ yoghurt drinks.

Of course most people know that sugar is a fattener. But what many people do not know is that a surplus of sugar brings the effect of all kinds of hormones out of balance. Hormones that are involved in your metabolism for example, such as ghrelin, leptin and insulin. In addition, too much sugar causes a stress reaction in your body. And all kinds of stress hormones are involved in that reaction. If you avoid sugar, all these hormones and many others will come into balance again.

TIP: Read the food labels to see if and how much sugar it contains. Also avoid chemical flavors such as aspartame.

Step 3: Do not lubricate this on your skin

Many cosmetics and care products are full of chemical substances. And what you put on your skin eventually also comes into your body. Reason enough to take a good look at what exactly you are going to lubricate yourself before you buy it. Fortunately, there are many natural care products on the market that are free of harmful substances. And fortunately these products are getting more and more common.

TIP: There are many recipes on the internet that allow you to make all kinds of personal care products yourself.

Step 4: Use a refillable water bottle

Bisphenol A or Bisphenol A is used in many plastic packaging. This is a chemical used to produce plastic. This substance is known to interfere with hormone regulation. I always encourage everyone to drink enough water. But preferably do so from a refillable water bottle or smoothie cup that is BPA-free.

TIP: Avoid reusing bottles of water from the supermarket. Buy a BPA-free bottle once and fill it with tap water.

Step 5: Occasionally detox

Detox is an English word that means ‘detoxification’. During a detox you give your body the opportunity to remove toxins. This allows your body to recover from all external influences. And that greatly improves hormone balance and your health.

You do a detox by eating and drinking as pure and pure as possible for a period of time. Actually, you apply all the steps above as much as possible and you avoid everything that your body needs to do extra effort, such as alcohol and coffee.

50-Plus And Vitamins

Healthy and varied food is important to become vitally older, because essential vitamins and minerals play an important role in our energy metabolism. The immune system also remains strong with good nutrition.

To stay vital, a healthy diet with sufficient vitamins and minerals is important. The Nutrition Center does not advise you to eat 250 grams of vegetables and two pieces of fruit daily. Make sure there is sufficient variation. Whoever eats with the seasons and varies in color of food , basically gets enough vitamins and minerals inside.

If you are over fifty, then that healthy diet is of course important. But as you get older, the metabolism starts to burn at a lower level. As a result, less and less energy is needed from the food. No wonder, therefore, that the appetite often diminishes with age. However, the need for vitamins and minerals is the same, sometimes even higher. The need for vitamin D for example.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D has more influence than was thought. For example, it has been shown that too low a vitamin D intake has an effect on depression. Vitamin D is important for building and maintaining strong bones, because it stimulates the absorption of calcium in the skeleton. Vitamin D is produced in the skin under the influence of sunlight. Research shows that the skin of the elderly person produces less vitamin D.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is also important for over-50s. Often this vitamin from meat, fish, dairy products and eggs is poorly absorbed by older people, especially in case of infections of the stomach or intestines. This can reduce stomach acid production. In our saliva and in the stomach enzymes are made, which ensure that vitamin B12 is properly absorbed in our intestines. As we age, we make fewer of these substances and the risk of a vitamin B12 deficiency increases. In the United States, all over-50s are therefore advised to take extra vitamin B12. Although we do not have official B12 advice for the elderly in the Netherlands, a supplement can be a good addition.

The same vitamin B12, together with its sisters B6 and folic acid (B11), has a positive effect on the maintenance of healthy vessel walls. They reduce the homocysteine ??level in the blood; a substance that develops during the build-up and degradation of proteins. A high level of homocysteine ??in the blood is associated with an increased risk of atherosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases and strokes .

Vitamin K

In addition to sufficient calcium and vitamin D, sufficient vitamin K is essential for maintaining strong bones. Vitamin K ensures that not too much calcium is broken down from the bones and excreted in the urine . Vitamin K also ensures good blood clotting.


Calcium is a mineral that is necessary for the construction and maintenance of the bones and teeth. Calcium helps against bone loss in later life and is necessary for proper functioning of the nerves and muscles, blood clotting and the transport of other minerals in the body.


The mineral chromium has an influence on memory function and cognitive skills in the elderly. Chromium has, among other things, positive effects on glucose metabolism, which influences brain function. Chromium also plays a role in the processing of fats and carbohydrates. In addition, it has been shown to have a positive effect on the activity of insulin receptors. The minerals manganese, zinc and selenium also support glucose and insulin metabolism.

Iron and magnesium

The minerals iron and magnesium support the energy level and keep you vital. Iron also supports the ability to concentrate and contributes to a clear mind.

Medicine use

There may be circumstances in which older people may develop less healthy or varied food and thus possibly a vitamin deficiency. Think of reduced appetite, chewing and swallowing problems due to dental problems, social isolation and reduced mobility. People over 50 also use more medication, while certain medicines interfere with the absorption of vitamins. This applies, for example, to some blood pressure reducers. Then a multivitamin for seniors can be taken as a supplement. Consult with your doctor if necessary.

Nutrition for the brain

A good concentration of B vitamins, especially of vitamins B1, B2, B6, folic acid and B12, support the concentration and memory. But there are many more nutrients that are needed for the brain . This also applies, for example, to vitamins C, D and E and to omega-3 fatty acids. Iodine, iron and zinc are also good for memory.

How To Match Your Clothes To Your Skin Color

Have you ever seen that your clothes fit into a store and think: this is not really me. To prevent this, it is important that you know which shades do and which do not fit with your skin color. This will ensure that you spend less time shopping and you need to return fewer packages. We make a distinction between three shades of the skin, namely: pale, slightly tinted and dark.

Pale skin

Do you have red, blond or light brown hair? Maybe freckles? And are you always looking for color that suits you well? If you have pale skin, shades that are very different from your skin color will literally add some color to your skin.

Well to wear

Wear colors such as gray, black, burgundy, navy blue and dark green. These dark colors match very well with the pale skin. But be careful that it does not become a gloomy whole. Dark shades can be combined well with lighter shades. In this case, opt for fuller shades such as off-white, camel or khaki instead of light-white or light beige.

Not to wear

Try to avoid pastel colors, light and bright colors. These colors will ensure that your pale skin is accentuated. So bright yellow is really a no-go, since it will seem like you have not seen the sun for years.

Lightly tinted skin

If you are blessed with olive-colored skin, you have much more choice than people with pale skin. With a lightly tinted skin, almost all colors are good.

Well to wear

Choose shades that are lighter than your skin color. Think of light beige instead of for example a darker color as warm sand. In addition, your tinted skin will come into its own when you wear bright colors. Combining white with light neutral tones can also be done with dark ones in winter. For example, combine a white shirt with stone-colored shoes. The light combination will emphasize your skin better.

Not to wear

Since the light-toned skin color probably has yellow or green undertones, you should avoid the color of the clothing getting too close to your skin tone. Otherwise you will get a ‘naked look’. Shades like pistachio, olive and mustard will probably have to be avoided.

Dark skin

Even men with dark skin, like men with light-toned skin, can have many colors.

Well to wear

With dark skin you can handle almost anything. You never run the risk that you get a faint look. It is a privilege to be able to wear bright colors, but watch out! It is important that you combine bright colors with neutral colors to keep your outfit in balance. Keep it simple. Besides the bright colors it is of course also possible to wear light shades.

Not to wear

When wearing a dark skin color is not recommended to wear brown. How pastel colors launder a pale skin, brown will not do your dark skin properly. The contrast with the skin color is not big enough, so this does not form a good match. Although black and dark blue are common shades in a wardrobe, it is wise to keep this minimal in the event of a dark skin color. It is a shame to not optimally use your multifaceted skin color.

You Can Burn Calories Quickly!

Sports is of course good to relax , but that is not the only motivation for many people. You probably also want to lose weight or at least stay healthy. Sports helps with that, because you can burn a lot of calories with it.

But not with every sport you can burn calories quickly . How do you ensure that you lose as many calories as possible with your workouts? And what are the best sports and methods to choose? We will list some useful tips for you!

How many calories to Lose Weight?

Is your goal to lose weight? Be aware that an hour of exercise will not immediately save you kilos. To get rid of a kilogram of body fat , you will have to burn around 7800 calories more than you consume. That is a lot of hours in the gym !


It is precisely for this reason that it is important not only to count on sports for that coveted weight loss. If you do not start eating healthier and eat less , then you will quickly eat those calories that have been burned. In this blog you can read some practical tips to simply eat less calories.

Quickly burn calories: 6 Tips

1. Strength training to lose weight

Many people who want to drop off first step fanatically on the treadmill or cross trainer . Of course you burn calories with it, but it is not really effective. Well, after an hour of training you may be 500 calories – but that’s about it. Certainly with one or two training sessions per week, it does not make much difference to the dike.

For that reason strength training is often a better option. Yes, you burn fewer calories while you are busy. Strength training, however, has the after burn effect: because your body needs to recover from the effort, you use up to two days of extra energy .

Muscle tissue also consumes more energy than fat tissue. In other words: the more muscular you become, the more calories you consume during rest! If you have been doing weight training for a while, your daily energy consumption will increase, even on days when you do not sport at all.

2. Choose interval Training

Do you also want to do cardio training , for example to improve your fitness ? Then consider choosing interval training (HIIT). In addition, you alternate short periods of great effort with breaks. Studies show that you burn more calories in much shorter time because of those peaks.

And burning calories quickly in this way really does not have to run. You can apply interval training anywhere: swimming , cycling , jumping rope … If you only alternate between short, strong effort and quiet movement.

For example, a combination of strength training and interval training is tabata. This method is very intensive, and therefore perhaps more suitable for slightly advanced athletes. The advantage is that you can also get started with this at home!

3. Move your whole Body

Burn as many calories as possible during your workout? Then choose a sport in which your entire body has to move. Cycling is less suitable for this, but swimming a lot more. If you walk hard, force yourself to move your arms more .

Especially if you do not do intensive strength training, this is important to keep all your muscles busy. In addition, movement with your whole body ensures an overall better circulation and you simply burn more calories if you have to move more body mass.

4. Alternate during Training

Of course it is so easy to always do exactly the same workout. However, you burn more calories if you alternate once in a while. Your body adapts to challenges, which means that the same training will cost less and less effort. And so also the amount of energy you need.

In addition, you also mentally stimulate yourself by continuing to vary. Nothing is as deadly for your motivation as the routine of the same round every day! And here too: the more boring you find it, the less energy you put into it, the fewer calories you burn.

5. Stay fed Enough!

Many people want to quickly combine burning calories with a strict diet , to lose weight so quickly. However, that is strongly advised against. For starters, a crash diet is simply incredibly unhealthy, and it almost certainly guarantees a yo-yo effect .

But in addition, you will burn calories less quickly than you want. If you waste quickly for a while, your body will use much less energy, among other things because a lot of muscle tissue is broken down. Burning calories quickly becomes even more difficult.

Finally, you will be able to reduce yourself less during sports, which will further reduce the effectiveness of your training. So: eat with a small calorie deficit of max. 20%, but please do not make it any crazier than that.

6. All the bits help

Finally, nothing burns calories better than many small bits. Of course, you can sit at your desk and on the couch all day, and then start training very fast for an hour. But do you really want to burn calories quickly? Then there is much more profit to be gained in the rest of the day!

So get on your bike as often as possible, or walk if your destination is nearby. Never choose the lift if you can also choose the stairs. Take a walk after lunch – that’s good for digestion too. You will find yourself feeling a lot fitter!

weight loss

Motivation To Make Your Weight Loss Goal Successful

Healthy weight loss can be very hard and difficult with duration. It is important to keep your motivation during weight reduction. We discuss how you do that!

Reducing weight and holding on to your motivation is challenging

The first week you can easily keep slimming down. You feel excellent and have lots of motivation A few weeks later, nevertheless, things are not going to be that simple any longer. You have lost a couple of pounds and your motivation drops. You want to eat once again, it is allowed again, after all you have actually slimmed down!

Throughout the weight-loss, maintaining motivation is challenging for many people. By utilizing a ‘Slim file’ you can much better keep your inspiration during weight-loss!

A Slim file: lose weight and keep your inspiration.

You can much better keep your motivation with a Slim file. This is a document (or booklet) where you record your total waste procedure. The most important thing is that you speak with and supplement your Slim File throughout weight-loss daily so that you are constantly notified of your own process.

Jot down what you are dealing with throughout weight reduction

Among the very first things you can tape in your Slim file are your feelings. How do you feel while dropping weight? What have you experienced, exactly what was tough and exactly what went well? And why? You can review your day here as you would in a diary, but then with regard to losing weight

By keeping this up, you get an idea of your feelings and how you respond to this throughout weight reduction. Are you starting to consume a lot in periods of stress? Or do you see that you are a social visitor? Then you can do something about it.

Set your target weight

It is simple to state that you want to lose 10 kilos, but who states that is healthy for your body? You can calculate what a healthy weight is for you based on your BMI. You are at an excellent weight if your BMI is between 19 and 25. You can calculate your BMI on this website.

By sliding the bars in the site pointed out above you can see what does it cost? you have to slim down to reach a BMI of 22. Do not be guided by the BMI alone, it is not an ideal standard. Follow your feelings and your mind. You can likewise opt to choose a good round number such as ‘under 70 kilos’ or ‘under 65 kilos’.

Write down how you would feel if you dropped weight.

This workout offers more inspiration throughout weight loss, specifically if you repeat it typically. Imagine now that with a magic spell you can quickly take away all your excess pounds. How would you feel? What would you do? How would you think of yourself? It is good to make clear to yourself how fantastic it would feel if you reached your objective weight.

Make sure you get used to the concept that you have reached your best weight. That way you develop your self-confidence and you know exactly what you’re doing: You always desire that feeling!

Make concrete goals that inspire you

Determining your target weight is not completion of the story. In order to keep your motivation high during weight-loss, it is important that you set fun, possible and concrete goals towards the last goal. Attaining your goal weight is your primary objective, to achieve this you need to make and accomplish numerous sub goals.

In addition, make certain that these sub-goals are about your behavior. They must be useful and appropriate. An example: “Today I do not consume candy” or “Today I go to the gym twice” or “Tomorrow I will take the children to school by bike”.

You can likewise choose recurring objectives such as “I go to the fitness center two times a week”. However, the threat with this is that you get utilized to these objectives. It is more enjoyable to check a goal and put a new one. Achieving goals is extremely helpful for your inspiration!

Repeat frequently in your slim file throughout weight loss

Your Very Own Slim File provides inspiration throughout weight-loss. You see what you have actually achieved in the past, how you have actually progressed step by step and exactly what you have experienced during weight loss. You see the number of pounds decrease. Additionally, you can be inspired by your own stories about how you will feel when you have reached your objective weight

If you encounter a motivation tip while reducing weight, you need to read in your Slim file to boost your motivation! Then you can immediately blog about it again. Always keep hectic, so keep your focus and motivation!

After losing weight – that’s how you remain on weight

Write a margin on your own beside your target weight. This margin is a location where you let your weight fluctuate before you do something about it. You can concur with yourself that you always want to remain under a certain weight, or that you keep a margin of 2 kilos. You might for that reason come to two kilos before you lose weight once again.

By weighing frequently you can control your weight. As quickly as you see that you are breaking your very own margin, you can step in by holding a balance day or week. In this manner you avoid the kilos from flying once again and you wind up yo-yoing.

Tips or to keep losing weight.

You can of course keep track of your weight-loss procedure in a file on your computer system, like in Word. You can likewise opt to keep it online, for instance through Google Drive (an online word processor).

If you prefer a more hands-on technique, you can merely buy a good brochure with, for instance, the HEMA. Pick note pad (you) with blank pages and a hard cover. So you can put all your sensations in it, and it also lasts longer than a week.

File with weight loss assists you to keep your motivation

Your very own file to keep slimming down is a great aid throughout weight loss. Drop weight ends up being more enjoyable, much easier and furthermore you are familiar with yourself much better. Make a note of what you want to lose and ideally do it every day. In this manner you stay motivated and focused.

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