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Cellulite is the unwanted fat that results from our diet. Areas of the body – such as thighs – are more impacted by cellulite than others. Prevent and fight versus cellulite with these ideas and advice and feel much better with your body.

If you understand the enemy, you can defeat him. The battle versus cellulite never stops, so any time is a good time to begin. How about now immediately?

Age, hormonal agents, genes, bad food and lack of workout all contribute to cellulite. Cellulite is an accumulation of fat that presses against the connective tissue of the skin, making it look so bumpy.

You can not do anything versus age or your genes, however with a healthy diet and sufficient workout you start to take excellent care of your body. This way you can prevent as well as lower cellulite if you currently have it.


Prepare in your home and eat as healthy as possible. Our system is not developed for processed foods and ready-to-eat meals, sweets and other scrap are therefore not properly processed by our body so that cellulite gets the possibility. Pick before:

Asparagus: reinforce the veins and capillaries and assist keep your blood pressure under control.
Broccoli: helps to prevent hardening of collagen triggered by too much sugar.
Bananas and citrus fruits: reinforces the veins and supports much better blood circulation.
Fatty fish: salmon, sardines, tuna and trout all have a low fat material and are rich in proteins and minerals, while also providing your body with vital fats. Pineapple: anti-inflammatory that prevents fluid retention and helps to heal damaged collagen fibers.

Pears: cleanse and support the lymphatic system. They are also an excellent source of fiber and potassium.


By moving you reinforce the connective tissues and improve your skin, while you also start your blood circulation and eliminate contaminants. The suggestions is to work out frequently. Ideally we work three to four times a week, we move for a minimum of one hour a day and if we succeed, we compliment this with another 30 to 60 minute walk.

Endurance training such as cycling, running, aerobics and steps burn excess fat and thus decrease cellulite. Again, you have to move frequently to see the impact and the ideal is 4 times a week!

Using fitness equipment or weights is likewise important because you strengthen your muscles, decreasing cellulite. How about 2 hours a week?


A good massage can soften the tissue and make it smoother due to the fact that it promotes blood circulation and helps lymph drain so that build-ups of fats are broken down. A cream with caffeine will make a visible difference as this active ingredient combats cellulite.

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